Best In Education

Mobile Application

Allow Students to Easily Access Course Content & Quizzes on Mobile or Tablet.

Student App

Makes it easy for students to communicate with teachers, get homework and send it back, view marks.The live video stream feature allows direct conversation with the teacher.Use the events calendar to schedule class and remind students of when to present their assignments.They require accessible, useful, and engaging content to keep users coming back for more. As e-learning becomes more popular and even a necessity, educational apps are more in demand.

Teacher App

Information for students to study.Allows teacher to mark easily who is present and absent in the classes.Learners can exchange useful notes, links, or websites with their colleagues via the application to facilitate learning. Teacher can also collaborate with each other by exchanging information on various topics to improve learning plans.Teacher can add all necessary resources to the educational app for students. Empower teachers with unlimited access to everything they need to engage students. Strengthen instructional consistency and collaboration with centralized sharing of lessons and insights. Maximize impact with even more access to additional lesson creation, sharing, and delivery features.

Principle App

This mobile application for use of Principle they show all activities like Home-work, Class-work, Diary, Notices, Copy-check, Daily Teaching, etc. Principle track both student and teacher activities via this application.They have all type of permissions given in this application."School Mobile App" is an application for android, which helps school management connected to enable faster communication. School mobile app can be used by management may directly get the information for day’s collection and others.

Visiter App

This mobile application use for school provide details of who is visited, which time and date in school for meet of principle, director, accountant.This app included 2 app one called is visiter app and another one is receiver app. any person visited in school for any reason guard enter the details and choose option person is meet with which one are and notification sent in receiver app if receiver app notification approved visited person entred otherwise meeting is not scheduled.